Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The messenger from Beyond.....

I designed this Trash Polka-inspired crow tattoo for @cordeironeto recently and it was tattooed by Brazilian tattoo artist Gabriela Droguett. Absolutely love the finished version!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bring back Rock n Roll from the Dead

I'm happy to present the front cover album artwork for London-based rock n' rollers Neon Animal which is also being used across their merchandise. The title is in the drawing...

You can buy the album from their website www.neonanimal.com and check out the back cover and inlay artwork in context! (I did 'semi-portraits' of the boys in the band). Have a listen on their Soundcloud page and enjoy the music while you're there.





Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Great Malarkey - Duck n Dive NEW VIDEO

Well....it's been a whirlwind couple of months and yesterday it culminated in yet another hot sweaty mess as our second studio album 'Doghouse ' finally got released to the public through Batov Records and we celebrated with a second launch at Posten Musikhuset in Odense, Denmark. Awesome venue, awesome staff (in particular, props to the stupendous Tasha who looked after us from the moment we arrived, fed us and partied with us right to the end.) We had support from the Danish Balkan groovemeisters Pulk who's clarinet/accordian/bass/drums set-up was right up our straza. LOVED them.

I'll be honest, I'm feeling a little fragile this morning. Bruised, battered, and very tired (I guess playing air-guitar on stage to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer at 4am isn't very becoming of a lady.....is it?) and perhaps a little anti-climatic as tends to happen when a years worth of hard work and build -up pays off in such a wonderful way. I couldn't be happier with the result! What next? WELL. We have a ton of new songs in the pipeline that we've already started rehearsing so.....album no.3 I suppose. Why stop when you're on a roll?

While I'm here, check out our video for the opening song on the album 'Duck n' Dive'. As you'll be able to tell, it was a total riot to film....ain't no party like a Dolly Party! Thanks to Paul-Ronney Angel of The Urban Voodoo Machine for guesting on vocals and to both Jack Lattimer for directing and Hartley Woolf for his cinematography. To get the lowdown, here's a review of the song from the folks at A&R factory:


And finally the video......Can you tell who's who from the band?

'Til next time!


Monday, 27 March 2017

Doghouse Album Release!

Exciting time for the band folks. We are releasing our second studio album 'Doghouse' on the 7th April through Batov Records which has been almost a year in the making and would have been impossible to produce without the help of all our amazing Kickstarter pledgers. THANK YOU. We had our UK launch on the 18th March at T-Chances in Tottenham (one of the last honest DIY venues left in London) which was everything we'd hoped and more with support from Eat The Evidence and King Punch. Currently we are sorting through all the pledges and getting all the little packages to send out so we appreciate all the patience from our fans.

Now we couldn't possibly release an album without also doing a launch in our second home of Denmark, which will take place conveniently on the release date of the 7th April at Musikhuset Posten in Odense. So we get to have the fun all over again! The album will be available both digitally and as CDs through the Batov website and our own website...and you can also pick one up from the merch stand at one of our gigs, which just one of many reasons why you definitely want to come catch a show.

I thought I'd post the Doghouse artwork here, minus the track listing.....I think it sums us up nicely. As quoted from our site:

"Doghouse promises to deliver not only the raucous energy of their live shows, as showcased in their first album 'Badly Stuffed Animals', but also the bruising vulnerability of the morning after the night before."

Front Cover

Back Cover

Monday, 20 February 2017

Hi everyone,
So I’ve been sitting on this for a few months but now I’m really chuffed to finally let you know I’ve signed with Wishbone Publishing Ltd, one of the biggest fine art publishers in Britain who work with a small stable of artists….so I’m very excited to be on the books.
They are affiliated with 80 galleries across the UK which means my work will be available in a lot of towns in cities it hasn’t travelled to before AND via their international galleries too. To fill you in a bit on the company, they’ve worked with the likes of Bentley, BBC, Bang and Olufsend and Rolls Royce as well as a considerable amount of charity work, with their other artists working alongside DIY SOS, Alzheimers Research UK, Born Free Foundation, British Liver Trust, Marine Conservation Society…and the list goes on.
Watch this space, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and can’t wait to get stuck in and start sharing the art!

Thursday, 2 June 2016


....what a wonderful collision it is!

Wouldn't you like to slip a piece of dark and delicious art around your neck, dangle it from your ear, or perhaps even slide it onto your finger? Well if you want to tantalise and mesmerise, this exciting collaboration means you can! I'm delighted to present a range of gorgeous silver jewellery designed by MossPiglet and featuring my artwork which is now on sale at the MossPiglet online store for very reasonable prices. This is my second foray into the world of jewellery and I'm very excited to see which direction it will lead. The link below will take you through to the Joni Belaruski page on the MossPiglet website where you can find a range of custom-made jewellery from necklaces to earrings to cufflinks featuring my art. Please do have a look at the other artists featured as well...all of which I'm sure you'll love!

Mosspiglet featuring Joni Belaruski

OR email MossPiglet direct to place your order.
Find their Facebook Page HERE


MossPiglet currently have designs in stock at Disorder Boutique  in Birmingham with plans to branch out into the London area.

If you would like to see more of my artwork, you can visit my website:

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Urge....

This is a new sketch I've been working on as preparatory for a drumskin painting. I haven't settled on whether I want the symbols (in pencil) in there or not so so I'll sit with it a few days first. My white spray paint arrived in the post yesterday so I'll be able to get cracking this week!